ScrubGuru Photo Shoot

About a month ago, I saw pretty jars of homemade body scrubs on an old friends Facebook wall. Being a body scrub freak, I contacted her immediately and found out she started this business of handmade body scrubs. You may check out ScrubGuru on . We met up so I could sample her 6 heavenly concoctions before I put in my order. I was so spoilt for choice and I thought they would make perfect Christmas pressies for my family and friends!

It had been forever since I last met her, so we ended up talking about everything we’ve been doing over the last few years.  We both spoke about living our dreams and starting our own startups and the amount of effort that goes into it. She needed someone to do her marketing campaign photo shoot, and yes, that’s when we decided that we should work on it together.

She has photography knowledge and can do product shots herself, but she also needed someone to take photos of her while she was making the scrubs. We worked out our schedules and we have done 2 shoots thus far. I ended up taking some product shots as well since I couldn’t resist not taking them! We shot 2 locations on the first day- a tent setup in a friends office and a rooftop with an old abandoned bath tub.

I’m sharing some photos from Day 1 of the photo shoot below.



1st setup: Tent for product shots.


6 delightful concoctions.


Since the scrubs are made from natural ingredients, we decided to use them as props.



2nd setup: An abandoned bathtub on a rooftop.


The Scrub Guru in action!


One of my personal favourites, scrub and shot.


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