A Random Opportunity!

Have you ever wondered what impact a single random photo can make?

During the year-end school holidays last year, I was keeping my four year old nephew entertained by doing some colouring with him. Most of his colour pencils needed sharpening, so I took a newspaper and started sharpening all the coloured pencils. I remember as a child, I always enjoyed colouring with finely sharpened colour pencils. We started sharpening the blues and the reds and the greens and before we knew it, we had rainbow coloured pencil shavings. It was such a pretty sight and I couldn’t help but whip out my camera to take some shots. I selected my favourite shot and used it as my cover picture on Facebook.

The next day, an old friend whom I hadn’t seen in about a year, saw the picture and messaged to ask if I would be interested to do some photo shoots for his and his wife’s new business venture. Of course, I said yes!

We met  and discussed about their business. Their business is about neuroeducation based pottery. I asked them to explain to me what exactly it meant, so I could better understand their business and ensure we captured the style of photography which would suitable. After an elaborate discussion, we worked out our dates and started a series of shoots. If you’re interested in finding out more, you may check out their website and Facebook pages.

Website: http://www.davincisg.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dvgsingapore?fref=ts

I did my third shoot with them today and it only gets more exciting. It’s quite fascinating the kind of imagination kids have and the stories they come up with! I never fail to giggle during my shoots with Da Vinci Group!

Below are some picture from my 3 sessions with them thus far!



My first shoot with DVG- This piece of clay awaits it’s little potter.


Little potter about to create her masterpiece.


That’s Amutha, one of the founders of DVG, teaching this little potter how to decorate her pot.


Isn’t it amazing what our hands can create?


That’s my nephew totally engrossed in creating his masterpiece.


These 2 sisters from today’s session helping one another out.


These masterpieces will have to wait to dry out first, after which they will be glazed.

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