Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Photo Shoot in Paris.

One of my first photography assignments in Paris was shooting Travel & Lifestyle blogger Virginia Anne. Virginia is originally from Denver, Colorado, and moved to Paris in late 2013.

I met Virginia in French language school and we hit it off immediately. I’m sharing pictures of the very first photo shoot I did with her below. Her focus was on her dress, sunnies, earrings and shoes. You may check out her post on this outfit at .

We decided to take the photos in Champs de Mars, the huge park across from the very famous Eiffel Tower. We agreed that the mood should be very typical Paris for her first fashion post, and of course, there is no place better than right in front of the Eiffel Tower. Very cliche, but then again it’s as Paris as Paris can be!






Virginia is in focus while the background is out of focus, to give a bit of the dreamy Parisian summer effect. Her main focus in this shot were her sunnies and earrings.


Long shot to show her full outfit.


This shot was candidly taken. She was walking in front of me so we could get closer to the Eiffel Tower. I composed the shot and called out to her. She turned and flashed me her million dollar smile. Voila!


Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! An outfit is not complete without the right pair of shoes!